Letting Rain Have Its Say

Published by: Kelsay Books
Release Date: February 16, 2018
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This new collection by Donna Baier Stein offers readers the reflections of a mature woman who has few illusions about life but who moves forward with courage, hope, and love. Expertly crafted, perfectly pitched and paced, these poems call readers into the immediate and extended circle of the poet’s family; they speak the language of dreams (those that haven’t come true and those that might); and they meditate upon strengths and frailties that empower the human spirit. Attentive to the particular, these are eloquent and accessible poems of people and place, of self-realization, and of acceptance. Donna Baier Stein is a skilled and keenly observant poet whose work is underscored by compassion and gratitude. In Letting Rain Have Its Say, she leaves a resonant and indelible impression.