Poetry Journals

Those Terrible Days That Followed
LIPS, Spring 2020

Fishing with My Father
Accepted by Prime Number Magazine for publication October 2016 

The Orphanage at St. John the Baptist Retreat Center
Verse Virtual, July 2016  READ

Remembering Mark Strand
LIPS, Vol 42/43, 2015 (Spring)

The Frog King
Verse Virtual, March 2015 (republished) READ

King Kong
Verse Virtual, April 2015 (republished) READ

La Secherasse
Exit 13, issue 2 (2015) READ

The Visit
Edison Literary Review, Vol. 13, 2014 (Fall) READ

Roget’s Thesaurus and This Meditation
Pirene’s Fountain, Vol. 7 issue 15, 2014 READ

Paterson Literary Review, issue 41, 2013 (Fall) READ

You Asked What Sustains Me
Paterson Literary Review, Issue 41, 2013 (Fall) READ

The Stillwater Review, Vol. 3, 2013 READ

The Yellow Brick Road
Soundings East, Vol. 34 No. 1, 2013 READ

Notre Dame Review, No. 14, 2012 (Summer) READ

Two Beloved Poems
The Criterion, Vol. 1 Issue II, 2010 READ

Comfort Zone
The Literary Review, Vol. 47 No. 2, 2004 (Winter) READ

It Could Be Sarah
The Literary Review, Vol. 47 No. 3, 2004 (Spring) READ

The Frog King
Many Mountains Moving, Vol. 5 No. 2, 2003 READ | PDF

King Kong
Ascent, Vol. 26 No.2, 2002 (Winter) READ

First Winter in Lexington
RE:AL, Vol. 27, Nos. 1&2, Spring/Fall 2002

The Spoon River Poetry Review, Vol 27, No 2, S/F 2002 READ

At the Tomb of the Baron
RE:AL, The Journal of the Liberal Arts, Vol. 27 No. 1&2, 2002 (Spring)

The Bear Paw
The Literary Review, Vol 44, No 4, Summer 2001 READ

Poet Lore, Vol. 96, Number 3, Fall 2001 READ

Chasing Down the Dream
Sou’ wester, Vol 30, No 1, Fall/Winter 2001 READ

On My Father’s 70th Birthday
The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Winter 2001 READ

Jack and the Beanstalk
The South Carolina Review, Vol 28, No 2, Spring 1996 READ

For We Are Kin
Embers 1992

Embers, Vol. XVII No.1, 1992 (Spring) READ

Glen Echo
The Washingtonian, 1991 (March) READ

La Secheresse
Carolina Quarterly, Volume 43, Number 2, Winter 1991 READ | PDF

Watchman of the Night
The Beloit Poetry Journal, Vol 41, No 3, Spring 1991 READ

Fortune’s Fancy and Apples, Rappahannock County
The Poet’s Domain, Volume 1, 1990

Hard Winter
Phoebe, Vol. 17, Number 2, Winter 1988 READ

Phoebe, Volume 17, Numbers 3&4, Summer 1988 READ

At Dawn Beach and Wooing Lady Luck
The Caribbean Writer, Vol 1, No 1, Spring 1987 READ

Folio, Vol. 3 No. 1, 1986 READ

Antietam Review, 1985

Tycho Brahe & the Supernova
Phoebe, Vol. 14, Number 3&4, Spring, 1985 READ

Still Life at the National Archives
The Washingtonian, 1984 (June) READ

The Archer, Vol. XXVI No. 4, 1981 (Winter)

I Admire the Strength of Old Women
Black Buzzard Review, Fifth Anniversary Edition

Between Seasons and Sometimes You Sense the Difference
The Kansas Quarterly, Vol 16, Nos 1-2 1984 READ

For We Are Kin
Embers, Volume 17, Number 1 READ

Midwest Quarterly READ